1st Asia Full Contact Karate Open Championship – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

On September 6, 2019 the strongest contenders of Karate from 33 different countries gathered for the most awaited 1st Asia Full Contact Karate tournament held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Not a day is wasted in preparation as our fighters did roadwork, outdoor trainings, watching their diets, and working out even when training is over. They disciplined themselves and focused on training their bodies as well as their hearts and minds even months before the competition.

September 7th, we started the weigh in and everyone passed. We have Tristan Ilay and Kenji Leyva at the below 65kg category, Conrado Ordonez at below 85kg, Pio Orly Languisan at below 75kg, Khrystine Mae Tapel at below 55kg, Hanzel Raguine at below 50kg, while Clarisse Camasis and Aila Padilla are Above 60kg category. After the weigh in , the set of rules were explained and our fighters went to the hotel to rest, anxious and excited at the same time for the battle that awaits them on the next day

September 8 was our big day as the tournament starts at 9am. Our fighters ate breakfast and took the bus to Stadium Juara at Kuala Lumpur. Then the matches started. The arena was packed with heavy kicks and powerful punches as the fighters battled for the win. On the first round, Tristan was victorious over Muhammad S. Azmi of Singapore, Kenji won versus PRSG of Sri Lanka, Conrado Ordoez won his match versus, Ki Baek Kim of Korea, and Pio Orly Languisan was successful against Hammad Rauf Mughal of Pakistan. On the other hand Clarisse Camasis lost versus Aimi Suzuki of Japan, Aila Denise Padilla was defeated by Noriko Yokoyama of Japan, Khrystine Mae Tapel won by versus İvanova from kazakstan which lead her to semi final round and Hanzel D. Raguine lost versus Hiraku Shiwa of Japan

On the second round, Condrado Ordonez lost facing Usama Arif of Pakistan, Pio Orly Languisan lost versus Hinidori Nakagawa of Thailand, while Tristan was defeated by Gabriel Yap of Malaysia. In the meanwhile, Kenji Leyva was able to beat Yung John Muk Tsz of Hongkong and proceeded to the next round. On the third round, Kenji Leyva was defeated in a hard fought battle against Gabriel Yap of Malaysia but still got the 3rd placer slot for the philippines.

After the tournament here comes the awarding. We are glad and proud that Jeral Kenji Leyva and Khrystine Mae Tapel got each placed 3rd on the rankings.

On the same date around 8PM, we gathered with the same folks we encountered earlier not to fight but to enjoy ourselves as we had the Sayonara party or farewell party. It was indeed, a fun-filled night. The once intense atmosphere from yesterday is now a light and jovial one as we got to meet, socialize, and also take pictures with people from different countries.

On September 9th, a seminar was held which includes basic techniques, and karatekas who are about to be promoted practiced Kata. It was headed by Shihan Kenji Midori.

Then the promotion started at exactly 10am headed by the president and founder of shinkyoukushinkai, Shihan Kenji Midori, with Shihan Sojuto, Shihan Nagashima, and Shihan Kobayashi. The karatekas are nervous as they are about to be observed by a set of highly respected set of judges. For the first test, they did Kihon, Ido Geiko, Kata, then 100 jump squats, and 50 push ups as part of physical test, where everyone passed. According to Senpai Aila “The first test in itself is not that hard, what’s hard is the pressure of being observed by the shihans.”

After that, they sparred with each other. Everyone passed for the Philippines apart from Prince Malvecino, 15 years old. Prince got hit by a solid punch on his right rib, and was not able to get back up in time. He was the youngest of all the karateka on the test.

When the event was finished, the esteemed Shihan Kenji Midori personally went and encouraged Prince to continue with training and that they will see each other on next year’s promotion. Prince vows that this setback will not stop him and he will use it as fuel for motivation as he strives to get better in Karate.

We are pleased to say that Joshua Anilao, Tristan Ilay, Hanzel Raguine, Aila Denise Padilla, Kenji Leyva, and Emmanuel Santiago were promoted to 1st Dan blackbelts. All smiles after the promotion as everyone took photos with each other and said their good byes before going to their respective countries.

As the tournament ends, our fighters bring home with them the experience that they had. We all look forward to the next and its for sure that we will come back stronger and better.


Shinkyokushinkai PH Holds Outdoor Camp and Belt Grading 2019

Shinkyokushinkai Philippines again proved that learning doesn’t end in the four corners of the dojo as they conducted their annual Summer Outdoor Camp and Belt Grading held at the Lawas Seaside Resort in Lobo, Batangas, last May 4-5.

The said outdoor camp was participated by around 70 karatekas from various dojo namely TELUS Dojo, Honbu Baqui Dojo, Microgenesis Dojo, Cavite Dojo, and NEU Dojo. The event was composed of special trainings, promotion, games, as well as special performances from the karatekas themselves.

According to Senpai Aila Padilla, aside from training the mind and the body, one of the benefits of such event is that they are able to build friendship with students from other dojo. “We are able to form a bond and I’m sure that this bond will last a lifetime,” she added.

The highlight of the outdoor training was the belt grading of the students especially of Senpai Hanzel Raguine and Senpai Emmanuel Santiago. They were graded based on physical exercises, as well as through their kata and kumite performances.

On the other hand, Sensei Richard Picar expressed his gratitude towards the senpais, the students, the parents, and the organizers of the event. According to him, the outdoor camp wouldn’t have come to being without everyone’s cooperation.

“A lot of them filed a leave from work, some were still not done with their semesters, and some gave up their own summer vacation in order to attend the outdoor training. That’s how much they are passionate for karate and I’m very thankful for that. I really hope to see them again next outdoor training,” he ended.

Meanwhile, this annual outdoor camp aims to instill discipline and camaraderie amongst the students, as well as to develop their appreciation and coordination with the elements of nature.

By: Joanna Guadalupe, 7th Kyu, Shinkyokushinkai Philippines

The TELUS International Philippines acknowledged Shinkyokushinkai Karate

The TELUS International Philippines acknowledged Shinkyokushinkai Karate to be part of Special Interest Group (SIG) officially on November 12, 2018. This is for all of employees to have free training sessions and engage with several events and activities, such as: tournaments,outdoor trainings, voluntary works and alike. SIG was created by the company to help employees to get back with what they are passionate about. This is also one of the main reason why employees are staying in this company. It is definitely a huge impact for the workers and as a karatekas to work and enjoy at the same time.

Working in the Philippine BPO industry is really difficult, one of the dangerous job-related health hazard based on the statistics. You can acquire mental and physical illness so easily if your lifestyle is just the typical going to your work place, party a lot, and home routine. It is also usual for us to just eat unhealthy food like fast food, junk food, drink alcoholic beverages a lot, smoke, and others. It is sad to say that this has been the usual practice of most employees in this industry.

As a Karateka, we wanted to share the discipline of Shinkyokushinkai Karate and embody the Dojo Kun which is the core pledge of Karate. We wanted to somehow, change the unhealthy lifestyles of our fellow men and contribute to the betterment of everyone. That is why we proposed to TELUS International Philippines Corporate events our objectives and goals of helping each employees which is not only to promote a work-life balance but we would like to provide Physical, Mental and Spiritual health by teaching each practitioners to pursue the true essence of Karate not just for physical fitness but for the holistic development of man, making him a better person, upright members, and respectable citizens of our society.

Shinkyokushinkai Karate started Demo Class back in March 11, 2016 by Sensei Richard Picar at TELUS Araneta Gym for an hour attended by few participants. We never knew that it was the start of a new journey for every one of us to see the beauty and fall in love with Karate. We keep growing in numbers and we no longer consider one another as a friend or comrade but we became family. We train hard and we’ve learned that our passion for this art teaches us something in our everyday life to commit ourselves for the true meaning of Karate, to be disciplined and focused, balancing both work and life that produces quality individuals.

We are so fortunate and grateful that we were given a chance by TELUS International Philippines an opportunity to meet Shinkyokushinkai Karate Philippines which gives us more encouragement to pursue what we really like. OSU!



Blaze of kicks, strikes, and punches excited the crowd as around 90 amazing karatekas from different full-contact organizations in the Philippines vied in the 5th National Full-Contact Karate Tournament held at the Bangkal Community Complex, Jan 26.

The said event, organized by Shinkyokushinkai Philippines spearheaded by Sensei Richard Picar, was composed of group kata competition and kumite for different categories.

But more than just the nerve-wracking affairs, impressive performances, and erratic plays, the tournament actually became an avenue for holistic learning. It bridged the gap between different organizations, and helped the karatekas gain peers through a common interest.

According to Sensei Richard, the tournament aims to hone the fighters’ discipline, sportsmanship, and camaraderie– values which are very essential for a karateka.

“There may be winners and non-winners, but in the end, it’s all about having fun. It’s about experience and learning, and being able to find some kind of communication with people who have the same passion and love for karate. That’s what matters,” sensei ended.

Meanwhile, other organizations who joined the tournament were IKKF Philippines, World Sokyokushin Philippines, Maambong Kyokushin Karate, and Tong Ill Moo-Do Philippines.

By: Joanna Guadalupe, 7th Kyu, Shinkyokushinkai Philippines


NEU Karate Club Performs in Unity Games Expo, Sends Out Important Message

Huge kicks, sharp strikes, powerful punches, and broken baseball bats filled the scene as the Shinkyokushinkai NEU Karate Club, led by Sensei Richard Picar and Senpai Paul Magahis, put on an amazing show during the Unity Games Expo held at the Philippine Arena, last Dec. 29, 2018.

The said demonstration started at around 11:45am, which involved amazing feats including kihon, ido geiko, kata, and the demo’s highlight, the bat breaking of Senpai Emmanuelle Santiago, Senpai Joshua Anilao, and Sensei Richard Picar— gaining huge claps and cheers, and leaving the audience in awe.

In an interview, Senpai Paul Magahis shared how they were able to perform in the said event: “We were sent an invitation to participate in the expo, and it was said that there is an opportunity for us to perform. We immediately jumped at the chance since it is a great opportunity not only for the students, but for the whole Shinkyokushinkai family as well.”

Senpai Tristan Ilay, a 1st kyu karateka and a former student of NEU, also shared his experiences prior to the event. According to him, he was so overwhelmed because they were able to perform well despite the fact that they practiced for only a week.

“There were a lot of sacrifices for this demo– early calltime, canceled vacations, work, and many more. But despite these, everyone still chose to train and practice; showing their deep commitment and passion for the sport. I hope this event becomes a stepping stone for Karate to be known and to be embraced by the public,” he added.

On the other hand, the said performance was more than just a martial art demonstration. It was also a commitment of sending out a message of peace through Karate. Because along with the powerful and symbolic routines, there is this reminder that sports has an important role in the society.

According to Sensei Richard, the demo aims to show and remind everyone that Karate is for self-defense. It should not be used as a means of hurting and bullying others..

“As a Karate instructor, never have I imagined using my skills nor teaching my students to use their skills to bully others. A true martial artist should embody the virtues of discipline and humility. A martial artist should use his skills to protect himself and others– not to cause them harm. I hope and I believe we were able to clearly deliver this message through our demonstration,” sensei ended.

Meanwhile, the Unity Games Expo in which the NEU Karate Club participated in is an annual event conducted by the religious sector Iglesia ni Cristo, which aims to showcase the skills and talents through sports such as basketball, taekwondo, karate, and the like.

By: Joanna Guadalupe/7th kyu


It was an exciting day for each and every members of the Shinkyokushinkai Karate family for it is the Year End Grading(Promotion) and Gathering at Honbu Baqui Dojo to celebrate a productive year that has passed by. All of us are filled with joy and excitement not only to participate in the belt promotion, but to pass it and apply what we have learned during our trainings, it is time to showcase what we know in front of our Sensei Richard Picard and our Senpais.

We all lined up based on our belt Rankings, in order,from advanced to beginner(brown,green,yellow,blue,orange,white) as we follow the commands that are given to us. Commands that will tell our Sensei and Senpais of what we’ve learned, both English and Japanese terms of drills were commanded and was executed by us.

Each colored belts have different Kata to perform, in order for us to be promoted to the next belt ranking, we gave all our best then came the time for our Green Belt and Brown belt Senpais to do the Bat Breaking(Tameshiwari) and they were able to conquer it, after the bat breaking moment,an old tradition of Philippine Karatekas have been initiated by our Black Belts which is called “AGUY”, they swing their belts as hard as they could in between the legs and the butt of newly promoted brown belts, pictures of them during thay moment is really funny but if you will know the hardships that they had to go through just to earn that belt with their names on it..They deserve it.

After the announcement of our WKO Philippines Branch Chief and Sensei Richard Picar that all of us passed the Belt Promotion, we were all congratulating one another, this is another chapter in our lives that we will treasure and look back to. Sensei Richard Picar gave us our new Belts and we have to be able to jump over it back and forth without losing the grips on both hands, otherwise, we need to do it again.

All the hard work has paid off and after the belt grading all of us ate dinner with lots of food, it was a feast for us, we have barbecues, chicken, desserts, you name it. We even have a photo booth and Videoke. After eating dinner some of us who stayed at the Baqui Dojo got to socialize with one another as we drink in moderation to celebrate. Being part of this event is truly an honor and a pleasure. This is how happiness is created not by an Organization, but a family of Karatekas that grows with the help of one another, I am excited as we go to 2019 for more fun-filled activities and events like this, OSU!!


By:Shaun Patrick Bañare


Jane Dee Capili, Champion in 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship 2018 – Women’s below 50KG

Our Group is honored and humbled to be part of the 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship held in Singapore from September 1-3 2018. There are 25 different countries gathered together to participate on this event which is truly historic and will never be forgotten. Everyone worked so hard to make this event happen and it was fulfilling to be part of Shinkyokushinkai Philippine Team.

Preparation isn’t easy for us as a team due to continues heavy rains and Typhoons. We have to do indoor training in our homes and closed areas. Our Honbu in Makati City is at the roof top of VC Residence and most of the time we are training rain or shine. Despite of these challenges and difficulties, we still find ways to train for the love of Karate. Financial source is really difficult since we only support each other as a group coming from our own pockets from our simple jobs. We were rejected several times when we asked support from the local government although we are about to represent our country. Only councilor Cassy Sison from Manila District 6 had a heart to give us support which we are so grateful although we are not all from Manila.

We were lucky that the local news team from Net25 from Eagle Broadcasting covered our departure at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and gave us a chance for an interview on August 31, 2018. Sensei Richard Picar and Senpai Jane Dee Capili enthusiastically said on the interview that hopefully we can win from this event and show pride to our country. They also pin pointed that small groups representing the country for sports are neglected most of the time by the government and hopefully through this interview they will hear us. I still remember some letters we sent to Philippine Sports Commission but was disapproved. At that time, we just think of it that it wasn’t our time and we still needed to grow in numbers.

We arrived same day in Changi Airport Singapore and we we’re warmly welcomed by the host country. Everyone is excited and saw the beauty of Singapore with its diverse and progressive appearance. We arrived at the hotel together with the other delegates of 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship and showed respect to each other with a big OSU. We were also very fortunate to see the arrival of Daihyo Shihan Kenji Midori after our dinner at the hotel. We saw his humility by entertaining us happily without hesitation as we welcome him and took photos with with. He carried his of luggage and no one assisted him which made me see his simplicity and politeness. A true leader of a good character it is that he has been showing despite of his position and popularity. That is why this organization is growing continuously and all the other Shihans are following his humble leadership.

The next day (September 1, 2018), everyone prepared for breakfast and weigh in of all fighters and registrations. Shinkyokushinkai Philippines Team is represented by Senpai Jane Dee Capili for Women’s below 50 kg, Senpai Francis Fulgusino for Men’s below 75 kg and Marc Tristan Ilay for Men’s below 65 kg. Seeing other strong and veteran fighters like Dmitry Moisseyev from Kazakhstan, Takeshi Midori (Son of Daihyo Midori) from Japan and all other strong fighters made this event more exciting and thrilling. Everything is uncertain until the next day to come. I can see from our fighters that they are determined to fight with of their might although the huge pressure is along their sides. After the Weigh-in of all fighters and registration, the branch chiefs and country representatives are all gathered for for General Assembly and welcomed by the committees of 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship.

On the afternoon, seminar for all referees and side judges are led by the Shihan Isao Kobayashi and Shihan Fumiaki Nagashima. This is is also in preparation for the safety, unbiased and success of 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship event and everyone is calibrated. Everyone understood the importance of this seminar since it will be their correct and fair judgment by looking at the fighter’s performance by color either shiro or Aka that is reiterated by Shihan Kobayashi and not from which country the fighter from. The seminar also have written and practical examination and will be granted gold silver and bronze as their score to become the referee or side judge during the event.

The day has come for the 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship on September 2, 2018 and all the participants of the event were transferred from V-Hotel to Our Tampines Hub. Our emotions are mixed-up with excitement, tension, uneasiness and all but this is a long awaited and once in a lifetime event. After the arrivals of all WKO Shinkyokushinkai Leaders, Referees, Side Judges, Committees, Sponsors, and fighters in the event, the Opening Ceremony was started by a Taiko Drums by Sensei Jun Igarashi and everyone is in silence. All brave fighters proudly marched with their county name written on their placards. Several speeches by Shihan Kenji Midori, Shihan Patrick Teo, and other leaders and sponsors that made the fighters and audience inspired and excited.


The fight of Francis Fulgusino and Marc Tristan Ilay didn’t go well as they lost on the first round. However, our spirits lighten up when Senpai Jane Dee  Capili won her first bout with Thailand fighter Chatkaew Yodhom. Everyone of us felt her spirit during her fight and courageousness. Her next bouts continued with another victory. Finally, she made it to the Championship to fight with China Fighter Wen Li. Before her last bout for championship, everyone prayed for her and cheered for her to do her best. Everyone of us are nervous yet positive that she can win the championship round. During her fight, we shouted our cheers passionately and wholeheartedly. A three minutes extension decided by the judges and referee is made and they continued with the fight. We shouted so load for the final 20 seconds and was heard by Senpai Jane during her fight and continuously fought with indomitable spirit. After that, she made it. She won and became the champion of women’s 50kg below category of 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship. Everyone of us are so happy for her and all the supporters in the country watching her live fight online. It was amazing and inspiring. After all the bouts for the 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship. The awards are given and Senpai Jane also won the Bushido Award aside from her Trophy for being the champion. Overall, all our efforts are never wasted despite of all the challenges.

The night after the event everyone celebrated the successful event with Sayonara Party together with all the leaders, committees, fighters and guests. It was a simple appreciation of all committee members who made the event successful and recognized. Shihan Midori approached each table with his simple appreciation to all the people joined and participated the event. His humility towards all of us really showed and he considered all of us as his family and not just an organization.

The following day, September 3 2018, International Karate Seminar and International Dan Grading Test was participated by me, Senpai Pio Orly Languisan, Senpai Paul Magahis and Senapi Jane Capili. This was led by Shihan Kenji Midori himself, Shihan Kobayashi, Shihan Miyoshi, Shihan Sojuto, Shihan Koi and other Shihans. This is very special to everyone of us and definitely historic to be part of this seminar and Dan test. The pressure is truly unimaginable since all the Main Leaders WKO Shinkyokushinkai are infront of you while Shihan Koi is instructing during the examination. The first part was Kihon, Ido Geiko, Kata, Physical and Flexibilty Exam. It was never the same with the usual training and grading test since the standards are strictly observed by the Shihans and they have to decide whether you passed or failed each part of the examination. After the first part is completed, Shihan Sojuto are calling names, our names and with a humble heart when our names are called we shouted a big OSU! It was breath taking but all three of us passed the first part of the examination. The second part is the Kumite which is a 1 minute for 10 round each sparring that we need to surpass, It was never easy and all of us need to show the Budo Spirit and all out techniques. First to 4 rounds are just fine and we can still move around and fight but the rest the 7 to 10 rounds are really exhausting but worth it since we showed our best with passion and commitment. Mas Oyama once said, “The heart of our karate is real fighting.There can be no proof without real fighting. Without proof there is no trust. Without trust there is no respect. This is a definition in the world of martial arts.” . We fought our best and all three of us passed the Dan Grading Test.

Senpai Pio Orly Languisan (4th from 2nd row), Senpai Paul Magahis (5th from 2nd row) and Senapi Jane Capili (5th from 1st row)

In my heart, this is just the beginning of our journey and we have so much in front of us to overcome as a Karateka.

Pio Orly “Yong” Languisan
1st Dan WKO Shinkyokushinkai Philippines

Featured Senpai Of The Week: ALEX ZANN DRINO GERALDEZ

Q1: When did you start karate?
A: I Started karate when i was 14 years old in the year of 2000.

Q2: Why did you choose Karate?
A: I Chose karate just because, i love to do extreme sports, and also my father was a former Sergeant in the Military Police. And when he aged he also became a martial arts practitioner then soon became an instructor. He was the one who had a big influence to me being a Karateka.


Q3: How did you start?
A: I started karate by watching some of the practitioners and Black belts perform training in some several places near my place. That’s how I started.

Q4: What is you Goal in this Art and sport?
A: First my goal was to become a black belt specially the art of kyokushin which i know, the strongest karate in the world. Which I did. And I wanted also to share my knowledge among others who wants to learn the discipline of this art.

Q5: What is your current work?
A: I am a martial arts trainer and at the same time a fitness instructor. Based abroad in Kuwait.

Q6: What are the benefits of Karate to you?
A: I have many challenges that had happened to my life, and I think, to surpass all the trials was the biggest benefit that happened to my life.

Q7: How does Karate help a practitioner like you?
A: Karate helps me a lot not only for self defense or to protect myself but also to protect my loved ones, it also help me gain more confidence..

Q8: Your Rank and Years of Training?
A: Rank is 1st DAN

Years of training almost 13 years up to present. Osu!



WKO Philippines Goes to Bauan Batangas

It was a wonderful and blessed day for each and everyone of us,Shinkyokushinkai Karatekas for one of the most awaited events in our journey is yet to unfold.It is the yearly Outdoor training activity and grading that was held at Bauan, Sampaguita Beach Resort,Batangas last May 5 and 6 of 2018. Everyone was high spirited,it took months to prepare for this event and all of us would like to take part in the activity not only to improve our physical,mental and spiritual well-being but to experience what the outdoor activity would be like,most of us are first timers just like me and I was looking forward to grasp each moment and charge it to my experience.

And so, May 5th at around 4:30AM most of us gathered at our meeting place,The Baqui Dojo, while others would be out of the office at a later time will just go to Bauan directly after their shifts, using the van that we’ve rented, everyone would feel comfortable going to the Target place. It was an estimated 4 to 5 hour drive from Manila, after 2 hours of travel time we reached Balagtas,Batangas proper wherein we went to the wet&dry market and puchased the things we need for the next 2 days. What excited me most is that we would lay our own tents and is responsible in preparing our own food(survival like).

After another 2 to 3 hours drive from Balagtas, we finally reached our destination.Everyone was so excited to look for a spot to lay their Tents. Several hours after that,our colleagues mostly from Araneta site joined us and we relaxed for a bit and we waited for our Sensei Richard Picar and Senpais to call our attention.

Around 4PM everyone was called to put on their Gi(Kimono) and gathered to take part activities.We were lined up according to the color of our belts and higher belts were in front to be our guide and role models. It was a first for me,kicking and punching while your on the sands,doing exercises, buddy-ups, and the most exciting part was when we were asked to do a couple of front punches going to the sea and the water was already above our belts. It was hard doing Mai Geri(front kick)on the waters, your leg feels heavy as if you’re on a gravitational training but I trust my Sensei and my Senpais “We will never teach you something wrong that may put you in danger”.

After the activity we were then instructed to dry our Gi for the next day, which was a big event for most of us,it was Grading day.We then prepared for dinner and had a few conversation with fellow Karatekas,sharing our experience and the happiness that we felt during the activity. Not all of us were there to take the grading,other Karatekas brought along their loved ones to enjoy the beach,others were there just to be part of the Outdoor activity and show support to their fellow Karatekas even though they will have their grading on December. Supportive parents were also there to look after their sons and daughters who joined the Outdoor activity.

The following day,we woke up at around 3 to 4AM and gathered at the seashore by 4:30AM. Loud Kiais(shout) can be heard everytime we do our blocks and punches. We were guided by Senpai Alex Geraldez, along with all of the Senpais, Paul Magahis, Alberto Baquiran, Yong Languisan, J’Dee Capili,Ram Cierva and Sensei Richard Picar.

We had such fun activities wherein we got to do sprints against our fellow karatekas,we were also divided into 2 teams, we played “jump over the cow” with a twist, for we needed to jump over fellow Karatekas who were all in front us us when we lined up,imagine jumping over 10 or 20 people and at the end you need to do 10 counts of Mai Geri with a shout at the end if you do not want to go back to the start, All I can say is I was having fun and at the same time learning and improving my kicks.

The next activity was the best. It’s the KARATEKA Tug Of War. The 2 teams lined up holding the belt of the person in front of them tightly because no one wants to lose,for the loosing team are called “ugly”. Haha. But then again,in a game there will always be a winner,and sadly we lost 3-2. The consequence of the game was to swim right between the legs of the winners while they are lined up on the waters.

We were then advised to either take our breakfast from 6AM to 7AM or practice our Kata(an exercise consisting a sequence of the specific movements of a martial art.) Which will be evaluated during the Grading, for you to earn a higher belt. Some of us ate their breakfast real quick while others dedicated their time in reviewing their Kata.

At exactly 7AM we were again grouped according to the color of our belts. We were assigned to a Senpai that gave us a review of the Kata that we will have to perform, after that colored belts were called and we got to perform Kata in front of them, since we were white belts we performed the basic Katas(Taikyoko Sono Ichi,Ni,San) and (Sokugi Taikyoko Sono Ichi,Ni,San).

At first I thought it was finished,but it only just began, for we needed to do 100 Jump squats,100 push ups and 100 sit ups on water, and everyone of us was in the verge of being tired, but if we surrender now, all of the hardwork we did in training will all go down to waste. No one surrendered, and all of us get to finish the activities assigned to us.

Some Karatekas that was lined up to become either brown belts or brown stripe had a hard time doing numerous sparring with colored belts and black belts.It was not easy being hammered for a minute and be able to do the same thing to the next 5 to 6 sparrings,putting their stamina to the test.

After that 3 brown belts were taken to the test of Bat-breaking, Just by looking at it, It’s hard to actually break a bat by just a single kick, they were able to break the bat in a couple of tries, but what’s more important is not just breaking the bat itself..But by showing your bushido spirit, and for that I admire them,for they did not surrender and went on to finish the challenge that led to the awarding of their new hard earned brown belt and brown belt stripe.

We ended the outdoor activity congratulating each one of us, it may have been a difficult test, but in the end, you will learn to enjoy each moment as you progress, keep on training and keep your feet to the ground, for there is so much more to learn everyday, more techniques, discipline and hard work is needed. I am truly greatful for the chance that was given to me to be part of something big, something good, a place I can call home, and an organization called Shinkyokushi kai that I can truly call “Family”.


It all started  when a young boy, aged 11 used to watch Karate on a Dojo near their shoe shine and newspaper stall every night of his life. The boy, Richard Picar was then offered to be trained for free by his Sensei Victor Canon,why was he offered free training of Karate? Something about that boy was seen by his soon to be Sensei,unable to see by the naked eye,the heart to never back down and the potential to become a disciplined Karateka that will one day give rise to Shinkyokushinkai in the Philippines.

To give gratitude back to what his Sensei Victor did,Richard took the initiative of doing some chores for his Sensei, he used to clean his Sensei Victor’s shoes and he cleans the Dojo before and after the Karate training,where he sleeps every night since it is just near their house. He dedicated himself to the art,and fought to become a blackbelt and luckilly, he was able to work abroad as an insctructor.

He worked in Kuwait for 2 year at the Champions Sports club, as a Karate instructor. The challenge that he had was how he would make other Nationalities follow his instructions, since most of them thinks that they are above us Filipinos. He was also saddened by the fact that he and his students are not able to compete to tournaments because it was the policy of their company. “Being an instructor, it is with great joy and privilege to see your students win and apply what they’ve learned from you” Sensei Richard Picar’s words when I’ve interviewed him.

In 1997 he and his Sensei Victor Canon joined Shotokan(Pure Energy) karate, then shifted to Kyokushin (Full Contact) karate in 1999 Under Sensei Steven Foo until the last quarter of 2012.

Sensei Richard Picar then created the New Generation Karate Philippines(NGK) last May 14,2012, the group was established to enhance basic self defense,discipline and respect.

NGK had since then attracted many students from different fields due to the good values being taught by their instructors and has been added as a compulsary subject and special training program amongst different schools in Pasig,Quezon city,Pasay,Muntinlupa and Cavite. The Group participated in the Malaysia Shinkyokushinkai last June 20-23, 2013 Karate Championship which was well known as World Karate Org.

Sensei Richard Picar having been one of the delegates competed and won the 2nd runner up under the lightweight Category.After passing the test for Nidan(2nd DAN Blackbelt), Sensei Richard Picar was approved as Branch Chief of WKO Philippines by Shihan Kenji Midori,WKO Founder and President of Shinkyokushinkai Karate.

“At First I doubted if I can handle the responsibility of becoming a Leader, for we all know that being a leader you will face many challenge and difficulties along the way,but when I think of my students and their Identity, it gave me strength and the will to accept the challenge and accept the responsibility to become the Branch Chief of Shinkyokushinkai in the Philippines.

July 2015, Sensei Richard Picar was hired as a Vibe Fitness Trainer at Telus International, but after 6 months, that he was not able to do Karate, he decided to leave Vibe but the Vibe Management did not approve this and he was approved to be become a Group Class Karate Trainer that started January of 2016.










“I am very happy and sad at the same time, knowing that we Karatekas are getting support from one another, however, we do not get any support from the Government. I’m happy because this is my Passion, and seeing my students improve and become disciplined Karatekas makes me feel that I am already a Millionaire”. Words from Sensei, My Sensei, that I will always look up to, for his kindness and passion for this art that I also love. Mr.Richard Picar.

By: Shaun Patrick Bañares