WKO Philippines goes to Mt. Tagapo

Saturday, October 21, 2017. My Saturdays are usually spent playing with my friends. My time for myself. But I decided to take the next step on to my training. I will attend the Outdoor Training. My mind was prepared for anything that they could throw at me. But I was not prepared for the most obvious part of the trainig. To climb up the mountain and to climb down. All that I have was my Gi, a pair of gloves and a shirt. My mindset was to attend the training and prove to everyone that I can do it. Even with my condition with my left leg and lower back injury. But I was wrong. The training started when we started to climb the mountain. It was a 2 hour hike. But for me it was like forever. I dont even know how to do this or how to climb a mountain. But as my Sensei would say…”take one step at a time..always remember your goal and never give up..”. Yes I was the slowest. I dragged the group from a 2 hour hike to a 3 hour hike. Obstacles, the pain on my legs and back and the thought of me dragging the time for the rest of them. All I can think about is… if they can do it so can I, but I will take it one step at a time. We made it at the top, but thats just the first part.

Sunday, October 22, 2017, 4:30am. We were summoned to start the climb going to the peak of the mountain. We made it up. Its my first time to appreciate the view way up high, how beautiful nature is and how wonderful this training is going to be. After that we started to go down the camp site. Unfortunately I slipped and luckily nothing was broken but I fell and slided in the trail of mud. I was not embarassed I felt happy. I felt that I am happy with what I am doing no matter what happens Im all in for it. The examination was held in the campsite. We all felt nervous. We were given an advise by our Sensei the qoute goes something like.. “we must train our bodies to be hard but train our hearts to be compasionate at any time”. We all had our time to shine. When it was my time all that I can think of is not how I can prove to everyone that I can do it. Its how I can prove to myself that I can do it. And yes we all made it. We passed the exams.

And here comes the last part of the training. Going down the mountain. Slippery, tricky and very dangerous. But with my Shinkyokushinkai Family at my back I was confident that I can do it. While going down with the group. A Senpai mentioned something about The Budo Spirit. After hearing whats all its about. I was very humbled and very thankful that I was on the right path. I was doing the right thing. I would like to show my appreciation by sharing a part of the Shinkyokushinkai Dojo Kun…

Hitotsu, wareware wa, shinshin o renmashi, kakko fubatsu no shingi o kiwameru koto
( We will train our hearts and bodies for a firm unshaken spirit. )

Thank you, Sensei. Thank you to all the Senpai’s. Thank you to my Shinkyokushinkai Family. Osu!

– Angelito Guidote Co