WKO Philippines Joins 2017 Tong-Il Moo Do National Peace Cup

It was October 12, 2017 when I sent an Invitation to Tong Il Moo Do Federation Philippines for them to join the 3rd National Full Contact Tournament of Shinkyokushinkai Philippines. I spoke with Master Bernardino Villagante, the President of Tong Il Moo Do Federation Philippines, and they accepted the invitation without any hesitation and a humble heart. That same day, he also invited us to join the Tong IL Moo Do National Peace Cup on November 19 2017 that will be held at International Peace Leadership College Campus, Mayagay 2, Tanay, Rizal. I reported the Invitation to the Branch Chief of Shinkyokushinkai Philippines (Sensei Richard Picar) the Invitation and we committed to join the event.

After the exchange of invitations, all of Shinkyokushinkai Philippines Practioners are humbled and prepared their mind and body to the upcoming Tournaments (3rd National Shinkyokushinkai Tournament and Ton IL Moo Do National Peace Cup). There are 10 brave fighters who committed to join the National Peace Cup of Tong IL Moo Do Federation (List of Names) including me. I can see these events as the beginning of friendship and partnership of these two Organizations.

I had a chance sending the invitation since I came from Tong Il Moo Do Federation and this is my first Martial Art when I was a 13 year old kid. This is Korean Martial Art which is combination of Soft and Hard techniques (Hand and Feet Striking and Ground or Grappling). I became a 1st degree Black Belter of this Organization and an instructor in my early college days but stopped after graduation. A few years later, I am already working as a Call Center Representative at TELUS International Philippines. I found Shinkyokushinkai Philippines introduced by company Gym and tried follow what I loved when I was a kid. It was a worth it decision and met kind hearted people with a true spirit of a martial artist. I never felt any discrimination from the group rather they welcome me as true brothers in Martial Art.

November 19, 2017 8:45 AM, when we arrived at IPLC Campus after almost 2 hour of gathering the Shinkyokushinkai Team from 5 AM until 7 AM and Travel almost 2 hours. We were late since the program has started 8 AM and draw some attention when we arrived. One of the Coordinator and International National Ton Il Moo Do Instructor Philippines approached us and ask the Leader of our Group. Sensei Richard Picar and I went up to the stage together with the Leaders of the other Organizations (Dr. Rev. Venus Agustin President of Tong Il MOo Do Asia, Master Bernardino Villagante President of Tong Il MOo Do Philippines, Ms. Leslie Ann Missionary in Cambodia, Mike Zarate and Roland Castillo from Tezuka Group, Anac Valiente from IKO, and Red Cross Military Group. It was an honor to be with these leaders and there was no discrimination amongst us rather it a peaceful acceptance and warm welcome to our Shinkyokushinkai Group.

The tournament started right after the program. All the participants are from different region of the country and different Art (Tong Il Moo Do, Taek Won Do, Karate, Sikaran, etc.) have joined together as one. The rules used are the 2016 Tong Il Moo Do Tournament Rules. Though I already had briefing with the Shinkyo Group about the rules, there are still revisions.

It was an amazing experience joining the event. We hear other groups saying that since we are from full contact karate we are the hardest among the participants. With all pride and Bushido, we showed the meaning of the true Kyokushin fighters and won 7 medals out of 10 from our team (Name and awards). I personally fought using pure stand up fighting techniques that I have adopted from Shinkyokushinkai during my Kumite to show them our Art and avoided ground fights. This is to prove that I can surpass myself not by unlearning the Ground Techniques but by using and mastering the stand-up fighting as a true Kyokushin fighter. I am satisfied and happy that I’ve won the Silver Medal in Welterweight Division with the help and support of my Shinkyo Family. What is amazing about Shinyo Family is we are happy people whether we win or not as long as we are together. We have humble Sensei and Senpai’s (names) wholeheartedly supported us during the entire event.

This is one of the remarkable events Shinkyokushinkai Organization has participated. Everyone showed unity, respect and true brotherhood as martial artists. This is all we need as well as Filipinos. Acceptance by embracing all kind of art as one is all we need and not by dragging one another through Crab Mentality. We will look forward for more events in partnership of the other Martial Arts Organizations. OSU!

– yong deveza languisan