Year-end Promotion and Gathering

It was unlike any other Sunday for the students of WKO Shinkyokushinkai Philippines. Usually, the students end their Sundays with the weekly training at Stamina Dojo, but this time, they started it with a promotion. This promotion also serves as the last activity of WKO Shinkoykushinkai Philippines for the year of 2017.

A lot of students came in early. Everyone was busy practicing. The senior students helped their kouhais in practing and memorizing their katas. Before the grading, Sensei Richard Picar let the students do their own warm-ups. Some focused on their stretching, some focused on their core, everyone had their own style of warming up—but one thing’s for sure, everyone was serious and focused on what they’re doing since it’s their promotion.

After warming up, Senpai Albert, Senpai Paul, and Senpai Yong all lead the training, which also served as a review for the students. The grading started with the white belters. Senpai Yong Languisan lead their promotion. They did their kihon, ido geiko, and katas.  While the white belters were doing their physical exam as part of their grading, the orange belters started. This time, it was Senpai Paul Magahis who lead them. The same process was done— kihon, ido geiko, and then katas.

As the orange belters do their physical exam, the blue belts started their grading. Senpai Alberto Baquiran lead them. They also did their kihon, ido geiko, katas, and physical exam. While they were doing their grading, other students who haven’t started their grading yet were practicing their katas.

After the blue belters came the higher belters’ (yellow, green, and brown belters) turn. Now it was Sensei Richard who lead their grading. They also did their kihon, ido geiko, and katas—but it came with a twist since they are now considered as higher belters. They did their ido geiko with ura and with their eyes closed. They also did their physical exam.

While some students were busy finishing their physical exam, the other students got ready for the kumite or sparring. Because Senpai Mike Picar and Senpai Tristan Ilay were both running for their 1st kyu belts (brown stripe), it was necessary for the black belters to spar with them, especially Sensei Richard.

After the sparring, the students were told to line up for their final test: belt jumping. Here’s the thing: the students have to jump in and out of their belts to be able to wear their new belts.

There were students whom Sensei Richard surprised with their promotion such as Senpai Mike Picar, Senpai Aila Padilla, and Senpai Mark Palacio. And there were students who were double promoted like Senpai Francis Fulgosino and Senpai Kenji Leyva, the champion and runner-up in the Men’s Advance Division of 3rd Open Full Contact Karate Tournament, respectively.

The WKO Shinkyokushinkai Karate Philippines ended the day with a gathering/salu-salo. It has been a yearly tradition where after the promotion, students from different dojos would gather and bring food. This way, the students from different dojos get the chance to bond and get to know each other more.

It is great to see all the students improve and push themselves to their limits. Truly, it is not easy to take a grading, especially when it comes to Shinkyokushin. Each belt really has its own challenges and difficulties, but the Shinkyokushin students showed bushido and really tried to defy each of their own gravities!

Fellow Karatekas, being promoted doesn’t mean you have reached your limit. It means that you have more responsibilities to carry, and more areas to improve on. Keep on training because Karate never stops! Osu!



Aila Denise Padilla
2nd Kyu
Quezon City Dojo


3rd National Open Full Contact Karate Tournament

The day started busy. Preparing for something special, intense and spectacular. Its the 3rd National Shinkyokushinkai Open-Full Contact Karate Tournament, being held at Malibay Central Plaza, Pasay City. Manila, Philippines. A lot of men, women, children gather around for this display of skill, power and camaraderie among martial artists. People from different locations, martial arts and beliefs gather around to test their skills, abilities and humility. Hosting the event Sensei Richard Picar, with the help of the Sensei’s and Senpai’s…Sensei Rogelio Valencia, Senpai Albert Baquiran, Senpai Yong Languisan, Senpai Paul Magahis, Senpai Micheal Picar, Senpai Aila Padilla, and Senpai Clarisse Camasis. And most importantly the people who made the effort to train and participate with us. From World So Kyokushinkai, Sensei Rowelter. From IKKF Philippines, Sensei Jamil Alino. And from Tong-il Moo Do, National Instructor, Sabumnim Almer Namata. Sabumnim Marlon Oranda Instructor from Korea. A display of remarkable people with skills and abilities to each of his and her own.

Its very amazing to see children wear their Gi. We get to help around and organize the event. Whn the children fix themselves with fist guards, shin guards and head gears. Eager to get into the mat, take a bow, take deep breathes, and when they hear KAMAETE, HAJIME!!!… Kicks, punches, and the crowd goes wild seeing fellow martial artist from all ages compete with each other. From Kids, to Beginners, all the way to the Advance Level. The intensity, the power, and most important, the Budo Spirit which drives every competitor not just to win, but to win the heart of his fellow martial artist. By showing true sportsmanship, humility and honor. I may not be able to join to tournament directly but it was very heartwarming experiencing to see people gather around prove themselves as martial artist, show what their art can do, show people that we are one. We may be different in a lot of ways. As the great saying goes “The nature and purpose of Martial Arts is universal…”. This tournament is not a way to show how good you are or how amazing your art is. This tournament is a way to make bridges among martial artists, make friends and learn with each other and together be a universal purpose to all.

Well, I hope we can all join in the next tournament. I would be happy with all my heart to help make bridges with these amazing people. And also I would like to thank my fellow Shinkyokushinkai brothers and sisters who helped in making this event successful, my TELUS Shinkyokushinkai Market Market Family. I would love to see them again maybe next time its going to be inside the mat…who knows..we dont only train continuously to harden our body and but also prepare our hearts to embrace everyone and unify the world of martial arts.

Angelito G. Co
Market Market