TANAY, RIZAL – “Loyalty and Filial Piety is the Key of all Victory” The WKO Shinkyokushinkai Philippine branch recently joined the National Invitation Tournament held at Tanay, Rizal last March 25.

Before the said event, each kohais together with their Senpais and Sensei started to do some warm-ups, flexibility exercises, and hardening to prepare themselves in a match. They bravely fought in the tournament knowing that there’s some huge adjustments for the rules and regulations instructed by the host.

They started the tournament with an inspirational message to the fighters of different organizations, but one phrase from a master of Tong-Il Moo Do stated that, “In a tournament, it’s either we win or we learn” Meaning, trophies and medals is just an item or reward, but the knowledge that they gained is paramount than anything else.

On the other hand, the event wasn’t only intended for the fighters who won the match, it is for everyone who faced their fears and to the fighters who step out from their comfort zone to prove themselves. Later colleagues dauntlessly accepted the challenge of joining the event, many are obviously nervous but they were able to conquer their fears by trusting themselves and finish what they have started.

Sensei Richard Picar, the Philippine Branch Chief of WKO Shinkyokushinkai, said that it doesn’t matter if they get the title nor the award because he firmly believes that knowledge and experience should go first before anything else.

“I faced a numerous of failures in my life, but giving up hasn’t been my option to achieve who am I right now.”, he said. LJ Mindalano, an amateur student from VNT Dojo (Quezon City Branch), shared her speculation while her colleagues are inside the blue mats. “I feel so strained as I watch you guys fight, every strike by the two parties are unpredictable and terribly painful.”, she stated.

Meanwhile, the Shinkyokushinkai karatekas invited their new friends for the upcoming Shinkyokushinkai karate tournament that will be held at Malibay, Pasay this May. All fighters left the place with smile and congratulating each teams as sign of sportsmanship.

-Marc Tristan D. Ilay
(1st kyu/Brown Stripe)