It all started  when a young boy, aged 11 used to watch Karate on a Dojo near their shoe shine and newspaper stall every night of his life. The boy, Richard Picar was then offered to be trained for free by his Sensei Victor Canon,why was he offered free training of Karate? Something about that boy was seen by his soon to be Sensei,unable to see by the naked eye,the heart to never back down and the potential to become a disciplined Karateka that will one day give rise to Shinkyokushinkai in the Philippines.

To give gratitude back to what his Sensei Victor did,Richard took the initiative of doing some chores for his Sensei, he used to clean his Sensei Victor’s shoes and he cleans the Dojo before and after the Karate training,where he sleeps every night since it is just near their house. He dedicated himself to the art,and fought to become a blackbelt and luckilly, he was able to work abroad as an insctructor.

He worked in Kuwait for 2 year at the Champions Sports club, as a Karate instructor. The challenge that he had was how he would make other Nationalities follow his instructions, since most of them thinks that they are above us Filipinos. He was also saddened by the fact that he and his students are not able to compete to tournaments because it was the policy of their company. “Being an instructor, it is with great joy and privilege to see your students win and apply what they’ve learned from you” Sensei Richard Picar’s words when I’ve interviewed him.

In 1997 he and his Sensei Victor Canon joined Shotokan(Pure Energy) karate, then shifted to Kyokushin (Full Contact) karate in 1999 Under Sensei Steven Foo until the last quarter of 2012.

Sensei Richard Picar then created the New Generation Karate Philippines(NGK) last May 14,2012, the group was established to enhance basic self defense,discipline and respect.

NGK had since then attracted many students from different fields due to the good values being taught by their instructors and has been added as a compulsary subject and special training program amongst different schools in Pasig,Quezon city,Pasay,Muntinlupa and Cavite. The Group participated in the Malaysia Shinkyokushinkai last June 20-23, 2013 Karate Championship which was well known as World Karate Org.

Sensei Richard Picar having been one of the delegates competed and won the 2nd runner up under the lightweight Category.After passing the test for Nidan(2nd DAN Blackbelt), Sensei Richard Picar was approved as Branch Chief of WKO Philippines by Shihan Kenji Midori,WKO Founder and President of Shinkyokushinkai Karate.

“At First I doubted if I can handle the responsibility of becoming a Leader, for we all know that being a leader you will face many challenge and difficulties along the way,but when I think of my students and their Identity, it gave me strength and the will to accept the challenge and accept the responsibility to become the Branch Chief of Shinkyokushinkai in the Philippines.

July 2015, Sensei Richard Picar was hired as a Vibe Fitness Trainer at Telus International, but after 6 months, that he was not able to do Karate, he decided to leave Vibe but the Vibe Management did not approve this and he was approved to be become a Group Class Karate Trainer that started January of 2016.










“I am very happy and sad at the same time, knowing that we Karatekas are getting support from one another, however, we do not get any support from the Government. I’m happy because this is my Passion, and seeing my students improve and become disciplined Karatekas makes me feel that I am already a Millionaire”. Words from Sensei, My Sensei, that I will always look up to, for his kindness and passion for this art that I also love. Mr.Richard Picar.

By: Shaun Patrick Bañares