Featured Senpai Of The Week: ALEX ZANN DRINO GERALDEZ

Q1: When did you start karate?
A: I Started karate when i was 14 years old in the year of 2000.

Q2: Why did you choose Karate?
A: I Chose karate just because, i love to do extreme sports, and also my father was a former Sergeant in the Military Police. And when he aged he also became a martial arts practitioner then soon became an instructor. He was the one who had a big influence to me being a Karateka.


Q3: How did you start?
A: I started karate by watching some of the practitioners and Black belts perform training in some several places near my place. That’s how I started.

Q4: What is you Goal in this Art and sport?
A: First my goal was to become a black belt specially the art of kyokushin which i know, the strongest karate in the world. Which I did. And I wanted also to share my knowledge among others who wants to learn the discipline of this art.

Q5: What is your current work?
A: I am a martial arts trainer and at the same time a fitness instructor. Based abroad in Kuwait.

Q6: What are the benefits of Karate to you?
A: I have many challenges that had happened to my life, and I think, to surpass all the trials was the biggest benefit that happened to my life.

Q7: How does Karate help a practitioner like you?
A: Karate helps me a lot not only for self defense or to protect myself but also to protect my loved ones, it also help me gain more confidence..

Q8: Your Rank and Years of Training?
A: Rank is 1st DAN

Years of training almost 13 years up to present. Osu!