It was an exciting day for each and every members of the Shinkyokushinkai Karate family for it is the Year End Grading(Promotion) and Gathering at Honbu Baqui Dojo to celebrate a productive year that has passed by. All of us are filled with joy and excitement not only to participate in the belt promotion, but to pass it and apply what we have learned during our trainings, it is time to showcase what we know in front of our Sensei Richard Picard and our Senpais.

We all lined up based on our belt Rankings, in order,from advanced to beginner(brown,green,yellow,blue,orange,white) as we follow the commands that are given to us. Commands that will tell our Sensei and Senpais of what we’ve learned, both English and Japanese terms of drills were commanded and was executed by us.

Each colored belts have different Kata to perform, in order for us to be promoted to the next belt ranking, we gave all our best then came the time for our Green Belt and Brown belt Senpais to do the Bat Breaking(Tameshiwari) and they were able to conquer it, after the bat breaking moment,an old tradition of Philippine Karatekas have been initiated by our Black Belts which is called “AGUY”, they swing their belts as hard as they could in between the legs and the butt of newly promoted brown belts, pictures of them during thay moment is really funny but if you will know the hardships that they had to go through just to earn that belt with their names on it..They deserve it.

After the announcement of our WKO Philippines Branch Chief and Sensei Richard Picar that all of us passed the Belt Promotion, we were all congratulating one another, this is another chapter in our lives that we will treasure and look back to. Sensei Richard Picar gave us our new Belts and we have to be able to jump over it back and forth without losing the grips on both hands, otherwise, we need to do it again.

All the hard work has paid off and after the belt grading all of us ate dinner with lots of food, it was a feast for us, we have barbecues, chicken, desserts, you name it. We even have a photo booth and Videoke. After eating dinner some of us who stayed at the Baqui Dojo got to socialize with one another as we drink in moderation to celebrate. Being part of this event is truly an honor and a pleasure. This is how happiness is created not by an Organization, but a family of Karatekas that grows with the help of one another, I am excited as we go to 2019 for more fun-filled activities and events like this, OSU!!


By:Shaun Patrick Bañare