Shinkyokushinkai PH Holds Outdoor Camp and Belt Grading 2019

Shinkyokushinkai Philippines again proved that learning doesn’t end in the four corners of the dojo as they conducted their annual Summer Outdoor Camp and Belt Grading held at the Lawas Seaside Resort in Lobo, Batangas, last May 4-5.

The said outdoor camp was participated by around 70 karatekas from various dojo namely TELUS Dojo, Honbu Baqui Dojo, Microgenesis Dojo, Cavite Dojo, and NEU Dojo. The event was composed of special trainings, promotion, games, as well as special performances from the karatekas themselves.

According to Senpai Aila Padilla, aside from training the mind and the body, one of the benefits of such event is that they are able to build friendship with students from other dojo. “We are able to form a bond and I’m sure that this bond will last a lifetime,” she added.

The highlight of the outdoor training was the belt grading of the students especially of Senpai Hanzel Raguine and Senpai Emmanuel Santiago. They were graded based on physical exercises, as well as through their kata and kumite performances.

On the other hand, Sensei Richard Picar expressed his gratitude towards the senpais, the students, the parents, and the organizers of the event. According to him, the outdoor camp wouldn’t have come to being without everyone’s cooperation.

“A lot of them filed a leave from work, some were still not done with their semesters, and some gave up their own summer vacation in order to attend the outdoor training. That’s how much they are passionate for karate and I’m very thankful for that. I really hope to see them again next outdoor training,” he ended.

Meanwhile, this annual outdoor camp aims to instill discipline and camaraderie amongst the students, as well as to develop their appreciation and coordination with the elements of nature.

By: Joanna Guadalupe, 7th Kyu, Shinkyokushinkai Philippines