What is Shinkyokushinkai Karate?
Kyokushin karate is a great cultural and spiritual heritage established by late Sosai Masutatsu Oyama’s utmost efforts. The words by Sosai, “With our head low and our eyes high, with moderate words and generous heart, we will benefit others, on the basis of piety” are the essence of kyokushin.

Now we have taken over the will of Sosai by starting our renewed organization, “ Shinkyokushinkai” with its three valuable missions, ‘Youth Education’, ‘International Communication’ and ‘Social Contribution’, to step forward to spread bushido spirits and karate worldwide.

Our Philosophy
The essence of practicing the art of Shinkyokushinkai is based on the principle “Mastering the Mind”. Through rigorous training and techniques, it teaches its followers how to take control of the mind and unit it with the spirit thereby contributing to the holistic development of man, mind, body and soul.

Training Karate
Karate is a very popular form of martial art practiced all over the world. We train our mind and body together, and help people enjoy their daily life. You are never too late or too early to start practicing Karate. The beauty of Karate is that everyone can train according to their own ability. Set your own goals, and you will be able to complete each session with a satisfying feeling.

Benefits for Kids
Karate is a great exercise for kids. Kids in our classes will develop values such as discipline, a kind heart to be thoughtful and respectful of others and a strong mind and body that will never give up to achieve their goals. When people think of Karate, many parents worry about their children becoming aggressive and violent. This is actually the opposite. Karate teaches kids how to be a kind and generous person. Through hard training, they will be pushed to their limits, and at times suffer physical pain. But from experiencing these hardships, the child will learn to help others who undergo the same pain. We strongly believe “A strong person is a kind person”. Our dojo aims to help kids grow up to be someone strong and confident that can contribute to the society.