TANAY, RIZAL – “Loyalty and Filial Piety is the Key of all Victory” The WKO Shinkyokushinkai Philippine branch recently joined the National Invitation Tournament held at Tanay, Rizal last March 25.

Before the said event, each kohais together with their Senpais and Sensei started to do some warm-ups, flexibility exercises, and hardening to prepare themselves in a match. They bravely fought in the tournament knowing that there’s some huge adjustments for the rules and regulations instructed by the host.

They started the tournament with an inspirational message to the fighters of different organizations, but one phrase from a master of Tong-Il Moo Do stated that, “In a tournament, it’s either we win or we learn” Meaning, trophies and medals is just an item or reward, but the knowledge that they gained is paramount than anything else.

On the other hand, the event wasn’t only intended for the fighters who won the match, it is for everyone who faced their fears and to the fighters who step out from their comfort zone to prove themselves. Later colleagues dauntlessly accepted the challenge of joining the event, many are obviously nervous but they were able to conquer their fears by trusting themselves and finish what they have started.

Sensei Richard Picar, the Philippine Branch Chief of WKO Shinkyokushinkai, said that it doesn’t matter if they get the title nor the award because he firmly believes that knowledge and experience should go first before anything else.

“I faced a numerous of failures in my life, but giving up hasn’t been my option to achieve who am I right now.”, he said. LJ Mindalano, an amateur student from VNT Dojo (Quezon City Branch), shared her speculation while her colleagues are inside the blue mats. “I feel so strained as I watch you guys fight, every strike by the two parties are unpredictable and terribly painful.”, she stated.

Meanwhile, the Shinkyokushinkai karatekas invited their new friends for the upcoming Shinkyokushinkai karate tournament that will be held at Malibay, Pasay this May. All fighters left the place with smile and congratulating each teams as sign of sportsmanship.

-Marc Tristan D. Ilay
(1st kyu/Brown Stripe)



“With determination, the dream will be fulfilled.”

MONTALBAN, RIZAL – The Shinkyokushinkai Karate Philippines bravely hiked the summit of Mt. Parawagan under the leadership of Philippine Branch Chief, Sensei Richard Picar, last February 10.

One of its objective is to strengthen the bonds towards a good relationship and to build a stronger organization on behalf of the Shinkyokushin Organization all over the world. Mainly, it isn’t just about the number of karatekas inside the organization, thus, the Philippine Branch wants to create a whole big family that is unbreakable and everlasting.

Despite of difficulties in reaching the summit, they remained delighted as they move forward. They believe that the spirit of a true martial artist isn’t just about conducting a training, it is also about how their willingness could bring them towards in achieving to be a good individual.

As they reached the middle part of the mountain, they helped each other by building up their own tent and to take some rest to continue their activities. According to Senpai Mike Picar, one of the earlier colleague and a 1st kyu senior student, the activity would really enhance their physical well-being and to strengthen each individual not just mentally but also emotionally.

“I believe that continuing my journey with the Shinkyokushin organization, could help me to hone my prowess”, he stated.

The next morning, everyone was busy preparing their stuffs. Packing up their valuable things and conducting some minor exercises to heat them up. They fearlessly continued their journey until they reached the peak of the mountain.

When they reached the summit, the training was accompanied by Sensei Richard Picar, Senpai Alberto Baquiran, Senpai Ram Cierva, Senpai Yong Languisan, and Senpai Paul Magahis.

After the exercises, kihons, and idugekos held at the top of the mountain, they patiently waited for the sun to rise and to take some memorable photos so they can proudly hold on to the saying in Filipino “Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga”. Meaning, every sacrifices has its reward you’ll just have to be patient in achieving a whole different stuff.



“We are one family, just in different houses.”

The Shinkyokushinkai Karate Philippines has announced the opening of its new dojo, the Quezon City Dojo, located at VNT Gym Philand Drive, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, last Feb. 3.

The said opening was accompanied by an intense karate training led by Sensei Richard Picar, which started at around 10:00am up to 12:00nn.

According to Senpai Tristan Ilay, a 1st kyu senior student, the opening of the new dojo is one step towards creating a larger and stronger Shinkyo family.

“May this new training camp be our avenue to further enhance our skills and capabilities to become better martial artists”, he added.

On the other hand, the opening ceremony was not only intended to embrace the new dojo, but also to welcome the new recruits and those karatekas who just went back to training after a 3-year hiatus.

Yvan Pimentel, one of the new recruits and a Grade 12 student from New Era University, said that he joined karate because he wanted new experience and because he was inspired by his friends.

“Karate helped me to gain lots of friends. After just a few days of training, I can say that it improved my physical well-being and it helped me know myself more”, he said.

LJ Mindalano, a Grade 12 student with patellar dislocation and one of the new recruits also shared her experience.

“I like Karate because it allows me to do what other people say I can’t. It makes me feel that having this patellar dislocation is not a hindrance for me to do the things I love”, she ended.

Meanwhile, the schedule of training in the Quezon City Dojo is every Wednesday, 6:00 to 8:00pm, and every Saturday, 10:00am to 12:00nn.

-Joanna Antonette Guadalupe (8th kyu student)


Year-end Promotion and Gathering

It was unlike any other Sunday for the students of WKO Shinkyokushinkai Philippines. Usually, the students end their Sundays with the weekly training at Stamina Dojo, but this time, they started it with a promotion. This promotion also serves as the last activity of WKO Shinkoykushinkai Philippines for the year of 2017.

A lot of students came in early. Everyone was busy practicing. The senior students helped their kouhais in practing and memorizing their katas. Before the grading, Sensei Richard Picar let the students do their own warm-ups. Some focused on their stretching, some focused on their core, everyone had their own style of warming up—but one thing’s for sure, everyone was serious and focused on what they’re doing since it’s their promotion.

After warming up, Senpai Albert, Senpai Paul, and Senpai Yong all lead the training, which also served as a review for the students. The grading started with the white belters. Senpai Yong Languisan lead their promotion. They did their kihon, ido geiko, and katas.  While the white belters were doing their physical exam as part of their grading, the orange belters started. This time, it was Senpai Paul Magahis who lead them. The same process was done— kihon, ido geiko, and then katas.

As the orange belters do their physical exam, the blue belts started their grading. Senpai Alberto Baquiran lead them. They also did their kihon, ido geiko, katas, and physical exam. While they were doing their grading, other students who haven’t started their grading yet were practicing their katas.

After the blue belters came the higher belters’ (yellow, green, and brown belters) turn. Now it was Sensei Richard who lead their grading. They also did their kihon, ido geiko, and katas—but it came with a twist since they are now considered as higher belters. They did their ido geiko with ura and with their eyes closed. They also did their physical exam.

While some students were busy finishing their physical exam, the other students got ready for the kumite or sparring. Because Senpai Mike Picar and Senpai Tristan Ilay were both running for their 1st kyu belts (brown stripe), it was necessary for the black belters to spar with them, especially Sensei Richard.

After the sparring, the students were told to line up for their final test: belt jumping. Here’s the thing: the students have to jump in and out of their belts to be able to wear their new belts.

There were students whom Sensei Richard surprised with their promotion such as Senpai Mike Picar, Senpai Aila Padilla, and Senpai Mark Palacio. And there were students who were double promoted like Senpai Francis Fulgosino and Senpai Kenji Leyva, the champion and runner-up in the Men’s Advance Division of 3rd Open Full Contact Karate Tournament, respectively.

The WKO Shinkyokushinkai Karate Philippines ended the day with a gathering/salu-salo. It has been a yearly tradition where after the promotion, students from different dojos would gather and bring food. This way, the students from different dojos get the chance to bond and get to know each other more.

It is great to see all the students improve and push themselves to their limits. Truly, it is not easy to take a grading, especially when it comes to Shinkyokushin. Each belt really has its own challenges and difficulties, but the Shinkyokushin students showed bushido and really tried to defy each of their own gravities!

Fellow Karatekas, being promoted doesn’t mean you have reached your limit. It means that you have more responsibilities to carry, and more areas to improve on. Keep on training because Karate never stops! Osu!



Aila Denise Padilla
2nd Kyu
Quezon City Dojo


3rd National Open Full Contact Karate Tournament

The day started busy. Preparing for something special, intense and spectacular. Its the 3rd National Shinkyokushinkai Open-Full Contact Karate Tournament, being held at Malibay Central Plaza, Pasay City. Manila, Philippines. A lot of men, women, children gather around for this display of skill, power and camaraderie among martial artists. People from different locations, martial arts and beliefs gather around to test their skills, abilities and humility. Hosting the event Sensei Richard Picar, with the help of the Sensei’s and Senpai’s…Sensei Rogelio Valencia, Senpai Albert Baquiran, Senpai Yong Languisan, Senpai Paul Magahis, Senpai Micheal Picar, Senpai Aila Padilla, and Senpai Clarisse Camasis. And most importantly the people who made the effort to train and participate with us. From World So Kyokushinkai, Sensei Rowelter. From IKKF Philippines, Sensei Jamil Alino. And from Tong-il Moo Do, National Instructor, Sabumnim Almer Namata. Sabumnim Marlon Oranda Instructor from Korea. A display of remarkable people with skills and abilities to each of his and her own.

Its very amazing to see children wear their Gi. We get to help around and organize the event. Whn the children fix themselves with fist guards, shin guards and head gears. Eager to get into the mat, take a bow, take deep breathes, and when they hear KAMAETE, HAJIME!!!… Kicks, punches, and the crowd goes wild seeing fellow martial artist from all ages compete with each other. From Kids, to Beginners, all the way to the Advance Level. The intensity, the power, and most important, the Budo Spirit which drives every competitor not just to win, but to win the heart of his fellow martial artist. By showing true sportsmanship, humility and honor. I may not be able to join to tournament directly but it was very heartwarming experiencing to see people gather around prove themselves as martial artist, show what their art can do, show people that we are one. We may be different in a lot of ways. As the great saying goes “The nature and purpose of Martial Arts is universal…”. This tournament is not a way to show how good you are or how amazing your art is. This tournament is a way to make bridges among martial artists, make friends and learn with each other and together be a universal purpose to all.

Well, I hope we can all join in the next tournament. I would be happy with all my heart to help make bridges with these amazing people. And also I would like to thank my fellow Shinkyokushinkai brothers and sisters who helped in making this event successful, my TELUS Shinkyokushinkai Market Market Family. I would love to see them again maybe next time its going to be inside the mat…who knows..we dont only train continuously to harden our body and but also prepare our hearts to embrace everyone and unify the world of martial arts.

Angelito G. Co
Market Market


WKO Philippines Joins 2017 Tong-Il Moo Do National Peace Cup

It was October 12, 2017 when I sent an Invitation to Tong Il Moo Do Federation Philippines for them to join the 3rd National Full Contact Tournament of Shinkyokushinkai Philippines. I spoke with Master Bernardino Villagante, the President of Tong Il Moo Do Federation Philippines, and they accepted the invitation without any hesitation and a humble heart. That same day, he also invited us to join the Tong IL Moo Do National Peace Cup on November 19 2017 that will be held at International Peace Leadership College Campus, Mayagay 2, Tanay, Rizal. I reported the Invitation to the Branch Chief of Shinkyokushinkai Philippines (Sensei Richard Picar) the Invitation and we committed to join the event.

After the exchange of invitations, all of Shinkyokushinkai Philippines Practioners are humbled and prepared their mind and body to the upcoming Tournaments (3rd National Shinkyokushinkai Tournament and Ton IL Moo Do National Peace Cup). There are 10 brave fighters who committed to join the National Peace Cup of Tong IL Moo Do Federation (List of Names) including me. I can see these events as the beginning of friendship and partnership of these two Organizations.

I had a chance sending the invitation since I came from Tong Il Moo Do Federation and this is my first Martial Art when I was a 13 year old kid. This is Korean Martial Art which is combination of Soft and Hard techniques (Hand and Feet Striking and Ground or Grappling). I became a 1st degree Black Belter of this Organization and an instructor in my early college days but stopped after graduation. A few years later, I am already working as a Call Center Representative at TELUS International Philippines. I found Shinkyokushinkai Philippines introduced by company Gym and tried follow what I loved when I was a kid. It was a worth it decision and met kind hearted people with a true spirit of a martial artist. I never felt any discrimination from the group rather they welcome me as true brothers in Martial Art.

November 19, 2017 8:45 AM, when we arrived at IPLC Campus after almost 2 hour of gathering the Shinkyokushinkai Team from 5 AM until 7 AM and Travel almost 2 hours. We were late since the program has started 8 AM and draw some attention when we arrived. One of the Coordinator and International National Ton Il Moo Do Instructor Philippines approached us and ask the Leader of our Group. Sensei Richard Picar and I went up to the stage together with the Leaders of the other Organizations (Dr. Rev. Venus Agustin President of Tong Il MOo Do Asia, Master Bernardino Villagante President of Tong Il MOo Do Philippines, Ms. Leslie Ann Missionary in Cambodia, Mike Zarate and Roland Castillo from Tezuka Group, Anac Valiente from IKO, and Red Cross Military Group. It was an honor to be with these leaders and there was no discrimination amongst us rather it a peaceful acceptance and warm welcome to our Shinkyokushinkai Group.

The tournament started right after the program. All the participants are from different region of the country and different Art (Tong Il Moo Do, Taek Won Do, Karate, Sikaran, etc.) have joined together as one. The rules used are the 2016 Tong Il Moo Do Tournament Rules. Though I already had briefing with the Shinkyo Group about the rules, there are still revisions.

It was an amazing experience joining the event. We hear other groups saying that since we are from full contact karate we are the hardest among the participants. With all pride and Bushido, we showed the meaning of the true Kyokushin fighters and won 7 medals out of 10 from our team (Name and awards). I personally fought using pure stand up fighting techniques that I have adopted from Shinkyokushinkai during my Kumite to show them our Art and avoided ground fights. This is to prove that I can surpass myself not by unlearning the Ground Techniques but by using and mastering the stand-up fighting as a true Kyokushin fighter. I am satisfied and happy that I’ve won the Silver Medal in Welterweight Division with the help and support of my Shinkyo Family. What is amazing about Shinyo Family is we are happy people whether we win or not as long as we are together. We have humble Sensei and Senpai’s (names) wholeheartedly supported us during the entire event.

This is one of the remarkable events Shinkyokushinkai Organization has participated. Everyone showed unity, respect and true brotherhood as martial artists. This is all we need as well as Filipinos. Acceptance by embracing all kind of art as one is all we need and not by dragging one another through Crab Mentality. We will look forward for more events in partnership of the other Martial Arts Organizations. OSU!

– yong deveza languisan


WKO Philippines goes to Mt. Tagapo

Saturday, October 21, 2017. My Saturdays are usually spent playing with my friends. My time for myself. But I decided to take the next step on to my training. I will attend the Outdoor Training. My mind was prepared for anything that they could throw at me. But I was not prepared for the most obvious part of the trainig. To climb up the mountain and to climb down. All that I have was my Gi, a pair of gloves and a shirt. My mindset was to attend the training and prove to everyone that I can do it. Even with my condition with my left leg and lower back injury. But I was wrong. The training started when we started to climb the mountain. It was a 2 hour hike. But for me it was like forever. I dont even know how to do this or how to climb a mountain. But as my Sensei would say…”take one step at a time..always remember your goal and never give up..”. Yes I was the slowest. I dragged the group from a 2 hour hike to a 3 hour hike. Obstacles, the pain on my legs and back and the thought of me dragging the time for the rest of them. All I can think about is… if they can do it so can I, but I will take it one step at a time. We made it at the top, but thats just the first part.

Sunday, October 22, 2017, 4:30am. We were summoned to start the climb going to the peak of the mountain. We made it up. Its my first time to appreciate the view way up high, how beautiful nature is and how wonderful this training is going to be. After that we started to go down the camp site. Unfortunately I slipped and luckily nothing was broken but I fell and slided in the trail of mud. I was not embarassed I felt happy. I felt that I am happy with what I am doing no matter what happens Im all in for it. The examination was held in the campsite. We all felt nervous. We were given an advise by our Sensei the qoute goes something like.. “we must train our bodies to be hard but train our hearts to be compasionate at any time”. We all had our time to shine. When it was my time all that I can think of is not how I can prove to everyone that I can do it. Its how I can prove to myself that I can do it. And yes we all made it. We passed the exams.

And here comes the last part of the training. Going down the mountain. Slippery, tricky and very dangerous. But with my Shinkyokushinkai Family at my back I was confident that I can do it. While going down with the group. A Senpai mentioned something about The Budo Spirit. After hearing whats all its about. I was very humbled and very thankful that I was on the right path. I was doing the right thing. I would like to show my appreciation by sharing a part of the Shinkyokushinkai Dojo Kun…

Hitotsu, wareware wa, shinshin o renmashi, kakko fubatsu no shingi o kiwameru koto
( We will train our hearts and bodies for a firm unshaken spirit. )

Thank you, Sensei. Thank you to all the Senpai’s. Thank you to my Shinkyokushinkai Family. Osu!

– Angelito Guidote Co

Spirit of Budo Karate Lives On

Malibay, Pasay – Sensei Richard Picar delivers his usual reminder before ending the class. This time, Senpai Paul, a former student of Sensei Alberto Baquiran, and newly added member to WKO Shinkyokushin Philippines sits together with the senior members in front. “These children look up on you, their behavior is the reflection of your attitude. I hope you guys would take my words seriously, “Sensei Richard says. According to him, colored belts especially at 9th or 1st Kyu should also take responsibility in handling the class. He added, there are times they have to stop using protective equipment like shin guards and gloves once in a while to let students feel the pain during kumite, though it is necessary to reduce damages and avoid injuries, however, they have to be reminded this is budo karate.

In the early days of kyokushin, the absence of protective equipment in full contact tournaments made this the fiercest of all karate, setting it apart from its traditional okinawan roots. Hence also produced legendary fighters. However, as years goes by, the karate that was once revered by Japanese people because of its bare knuckle full contact tournament slowly changed the rules. Though practitioners of the art have to adapt with the change of time, Sensei Richard would like to instill to their minds the discipline and spirit of budo karate.

“We are not getting any younger, the way we fight changes as we grow old. Compared to our younger days when we can easily flex our legs to do high kicks. Soon you’ll be replacing us (referring to the higher belts). As you age, there are many changes to our body, recovery is slow, belly starts to swell, sometimes you have to maintain some medication, your movements become rusty, what more if you skip training. There are so many masters who have a lot of golden stripes in their black belt, but I don’t want to be that kind of master when I grow old. I still want to train with the younger people,” Sensei Richard says.

Unexpected 6th Kyu Grading

Malibay, Pasay City – An unexpected 6th kyu grading for Delfin Albot, a fighter and student of Josuikaikan Philippines was held at Shinkyokushin Philippines temporary headquarters in Stamina Gym on July 09, 2017. The belting came as a surprise since Delfin has no idea that he will be tested for his belt. His instructor, Nikon L. Celis of Josuikaikan Philippines who came late asked Senpai Paul how many times Delfin sparred today before his grading. “I think he already fought five times,” Senpai Paul replied.

Sensei Richard says, they have so many attendees today, so Delfin have already sparred more than five times already. However, his instructor insisted to have another four. Delfin, though already tired is asked to wear his shin guard and gloves again. And shinkyokushin students/fighters: Aila, Clarrise, Tristan and Francis were asked to line up to fight Delfin for his grading. The battles were hardly fought, Richard Picar can’t stop coaching loudly, “Delfin guard up”, but fighters especially Tristan won’t give Delfin a single chance to recover. He thought it’s just another sparring and has no idea he is fighting for his yellow belt and being tested.

A yellow belt was tied on Delfin’s waist after finishing four fights. Though, having a small built, his determination was praised by one of the student’s parent. “I have no idea that I’ll be tested today, I am tired and have no stamina already,” Delfin said while catching his breath.
Pointers were given by black belts after his fight. “You have to keep your guard up,” Alberto Baquiran Sensei said.

Delfin admitted he still lack technique and has a long way to go compared to seasoned fighters. He also mentioned he wants to learn other martial arts like muay thai, and grappling like aikido, wrestling and jiujitsu to compliment his karate skills.
Richard Picar says, we all have to adapt with the change, we can’t always stay in comfort zone of our tournament rules.